korean melon

Korean melon

Korean melon, also known as chamae, is an oval shaped melon that fits in the palm of your hands. On the outside, it has a bright yellow skin with evenly spaced ridges of white from top to bottom which is why it is sometimes called the Golden melon and the Sun Jewel melon. Once you peel away the skin, you’ll find a crisp white flesh filled in the center with edible seeds surrounded by a sweet juicy pulp. The flavors have been mostly described as a mix between a honeydew, pear, and cucumber. It has a very pleasant aroma and is not overly sweet. It has many health benefits which includes being high in Vitamin A & C and fiber. Also it is low in calories and cholesterol-free.

While it is very popular and abundant in Korea, for a time it was difficult to find here in the US. This is the reason why MG Produce had decided to invest heavily in Korean melon so that we could introduce it to the US. We are one of the biggest suppliers of Korean melon here in the US due to our family owned farms which grows Korean melons locally in California. Many Koreans have even mentioned that our Korean melon tastes better than those grown in Korea thanks to the sun-drenched fertility of the Central Valley. Our Korean melons, known as “Golden Korean Melon”, are available from April to October.